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$ 1,650.00 

The Professional Flutists Choice

Riccardo Ghiani, Aurelie Morgane, Catalina Popa, Moar Acosta

Riccardo GhianiAurélie MorganeCătălina PopaOmar Acosta
GUO New Voice Flute in C (GH) - WHITE


  • Grenaditte headjoint and New Voice body; Plastic keys
  • Available in 3 colors (Red, White, and Yellow) 
  • Undercut tone holes for accurate intonation
  • Incredibly light-weight!! Weight: 270g/9.52oz (Refer to picture showing this flute being held by only 2 straws)
  • Hand cut head-joint
  • Open holes; Inline G key
  • Textured exterior for better grip and wood-like appearance
  • Come with aluminum case and soft shoulder bag
  • Cleaning Accesories
  • Perfect for outdoor performances.
  • Excellent lightweight travel instrument.
  • Affordable back-up instrument.
  • Great for leaving out on a peg for grabbing random moments of practice.
  • Outstanding option for those with metal allergies.



Feedback on the GUO New Voice Flute:

"We offered a few nearby professional flutists the opportunity to spend a short time with the instrument. Each one was immediately surprised at the high quality of tone they could achieve although it was also clear that the tone could not be forced. While some were amazed that they were playing a plastic flute others thought it sounded like one. The consensus, however, is that the Guo New Voice flute is good instrument, perfect for travel as well as outdoor performances when you do not want to use your silver, gold or wooden flute due to location or conditions. Not to be limited to only outdoor gigs or travel, the New Voice offers a blendable projecting tone suitable for orchestral, chamber, jazz, or solo playing. The instrument arrives in a well-padded insured box and includes a sturdy aluminum case, padded case cover with a zip pocket and shoulder strap, cleaning cloth, cleaning rod, plugs, and other care instructions."

"The remarkable lightweight of the Guo makes it an option for those with hand, arm or shoulder problems caused by the weight of a metal flute."

"We are very pleased with the instruments, and think they offer a wide range of choice, and performance venues."

"This flute is made from a composite material which is super light-weight, and is actually lighter than the standard Grenaditte flute.The sound is brighter and much like that of a regular metal flute." 

"the GUO Flute has a sound closer to that of 'wood' rather than 'metal'."

"The flute is able to produce a very strong, robust sound in all registers and plays low C and B effortlessly. Great idea if you plan to play outdoors as it is waterproof!"

"The New Voice flute is amazingly lightweight and comfortable to hold. The slightly textured body is easy to grasp and rests very comfortably in the hands, perhaps even offering a bit of traction if you tend toward damp hands. The flute speaks easily with a bright yet mellow sound that is an interesting hybrid of a wood and metal sound. The stronger and more flexible your embouchure, the more control and variety you will have. Although it is only available with an in-line G and open holes, it does come with comfortable plugs for those who prefer a closed-hole instrument. The slightly larger left hand C key may come as a relief to players with larger hands or longer fingers. The New Voice is available in a nice choice of neutral colors (most of which can be mistaken for wood when viewed from a distance), all with black composite keywork. Intonation seems stable and it is a happy surprise that multi-phonics, harmonics and some other extended techniques are also possible on the instrument."




This is a upgraded version of New Voice C Flute with the Grenaditte headjoint.  This flute is ideal for flutists who desire more possibilities and greater freedom.

This flute is made from a composite material which is super light-weight, and is actually lighter than the standard Grenaditte flute. The sound is brighter and much like that of a regular metal flute.

GUO's revolutionary material and padding makes weather change no longer a problem. People can play our flute in the rain or in the cold of winter. 

This is the ideal flute for marching bands or any other outside ensemble. Its light weight will be welcomed by some flutists and may reduce the risk of injury in flute performance. In one case it has helped an injured flutist, Mark Dannenbring, to regain total facility and return to the concert stage.

You can literally own a "Colorful flute",The New Voice flutes come in different colors.You can personalize your performance. In traditional flute making, high-pollution processes like soldering, polishing and electroplating are necessary.

Our flute making successfully avoids these processes. We can proudly say that our flutes are truly low-pollution green products.

The material is highly resistant to abrasion and will retain its pleasing appearance without worry.

The new padding and mechanism will reduce the need for repair.

Return Policy

Due to hygiene reason, all winds and brass instruments may not be returned.  Return can only be made on items that are defect or damage during shipment. All return must be made within 14 days of receiving the item. There will be a 15% restocking fee for ALL returns. Buyer is responsible for shipping the item back to us undamaged using any traceable service. A tracking number must be provided to us after item has been shipped back. All items returned must be in original packaging and good condition. Once we receive and inspect the returned items, we will start the refund process. Your refund will be adjusted based on the purchase price or best offer price, minus 15% restocking fee and the original shipping cost.