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Chateau High-end Professional Handmade Tenor Saxophone TYT-900 Champagne Color Body

Chateau High-end Professional Handmade Tenor Saxophone TYT-900 Champagne Color Body

$ 2,890.00 

Chateau Professional Handmade Tenor Saxophone

TYT-900 Champagne Color

Product Features:

  • All Champagne Color Finish
  • Rib Construction,
  • Red Brass Body (85% Copper)
  • Double Arm - Low C, B, B-flat
  • Engraving on bow, bell, & bell rim
The Chateau's Tenor Saxophones are perfect for intermediate to professional level players.  The tenor produces a warm tone, and it is easy response.
This beautiful tenor saxophone is ribbed construction and comes with all champagne color finished.  It is has red brass body (with 85% copper).  The saxophone has luxuriant flowers engraving on the body, bow, bell, and bell rim.  The package includes a mouthpiece, cap, and deluxe case.
The TYT-900 Tenor is one of the most excellent saxophones of Chateau. The making process from beginning to end is completed by one professional staff member, so the production is quite time-consuming and numbers are limited.

Chateau saxophones are characterized by their precise intonation, smooth response, and superior resonant and pure sound, most important they are durable. You will find our saxophones can give you more than your expectancy.

Company Profile:

Founded in 1979, Chateau has kept pursuing the sophisticated artwork of saxophone for the past 30 years. Chateau has earned positive feedbacks from customers all around the world because it shows respect to its customers and insists on the quality of service.
Chateau saxophone is produced by one product line in which the process from materials to final products is cautiously controlled. Because of the unique product structure design, the intonation, acoustics, fluency, manipulation and resonance are perfectly matched, like a concerto playing in your hands. Wearing a unique American Jazz appearance, our insistence on saxophone can be seen in each product of Chateau.

Feedback on the Chateau music Instrument:

"Just trying out one of the "Chateau USA" alto saxes at NAMM 2012. Wonderful horns, they actually surprised me with how good they are..."

" I have owned a chateau for 10 years and still plays great!!!"

"My instructor had recommended me on Chateau saxophone."

"I have a Chateau soprano and it is working out very well for me"

"Chateau is the most affordable sax yet for such great quality in tone and performing"

"I bought a Chateau Gold Laq. Tenor slightly used last year and found that it was a very good duplicate of a Selmer Serie II with a similar resistance and tone."

Return Policy:

Due to hygiene reason, all winds and brass instruments may not be returned.  Return can only be made on items that are defect or damage during shipment. All return must be made within 14 days of receiving the item. There will be a 15% restocking fee for ALL returns. Buyer is responsible for shipping the item back to us undamaged using any traceable service. A tracking number must be provided to us after item has been shipped back. All items returned must be in original packaging and good condition. Once we receive and inspect the returned items, we will start the refund process. Your refund will be adjusted based on the purchase price or best offer price, minus 15% restocking fee and the original shipping cost.