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Artone 28-string Harp

Artone 28-string Harp

$ 1,799.00

One of the most beautiful instrument!

Artone 28-string Harp

  • Height: 34.6 inch
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Number of String: 28
  • Tonal range (C-B) 3 6/7 Octave
  • Color: Reddish Brown

This harp is made by Artone, Taiwan. This is a 28-string harp, Reddish Brown, with bright finish. The height of this harp is 34.6 inch, weight is 13 lb.  

This harp is as beautiful and pure as its appearance is. It has a warm and rich quality tone.  The sounds are absolutely magical and exquisite.  It is perfect for any level players, and it is good for meditation too.

Local pick up is available.  Please contact us for more information.