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How do you judge a fine guitar?

Is it the type of wood? The design of the the sound board? The shape of the head stock?

You don't judge a fine guitar. You play it.

You hear it: The basses resonate. The high strings ring like cathedral bells. The harmonics hang in the air. Each note is united to the others, yet a distinct entity.

You feel it: The instrument rests, light and strong against your body. The chords vibrate against your chest. Scales run smooth and clean as if flowing from your fingers.

You don't judge a fine guitar. You play it and believe.

The artisans of Chateau Guitars are devoted to all the disciplines essential to creating a fine instrument. The most important of these: Music.

Chateau's co-founder and principal luthier Mao is a highly accomplished classical guitarist who loves and plays the Spanish master works and Bach suites. He makes guitars because he loves to express his inner music.

Is that why you play guitars?

Play a Chateau guitar. Hear. Feel. Believe.